Style Update: Seeing Ralph Lauren Red and Polka Dots

I remember a woman once telling me that polka dots are for young girls. She said it so convincingly and from such a place of authority that I dared not argue her point. Instead, I avoided wearing polka dots for a while. We’re not talking a long sabbatical from the print style, but there you go. Polka dots and I divorced after I turned 30 and it’s been a long road back. But here we are, and today I’m 36 and coming to terms with the fact that no one dictates what I wear but me. There’s a lesson there and it goes a little something like this: Screw the naysayers. Wear what makes you happy, what makes you smile and what you think you look hella good in. The rest is irrelevant. You wear your feelings, people, and polka dots make me feel magical. End of fashion life coaching from me here today.

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