LED Lunchtime Beauty with Sarah Chapman

Don’t be frightened. I promise the pictures above and below are not pictures of some exotic torture. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Those bright pink rays you’re seeing are all helping to heal my face and take away the daily London grime that likes to accumulate over the day. This is my new lunchtime love…

This is the Sarah Chapman LED Light Therapy and the treatment can easily fit into your lunch hour, with 30 mins to spare. It’s a fast treatment that involves a lovely cleanse with a facialist, followed by twenty minutes in front of a non invasive red LED panel. So, what, you ask, is a panel of light bulbs going to do to help your skin? I thought you’d never ask. The LED Light Therapy is all put into action to do the following: increase cell energy, up collagen production, and remove bacteria from the skin. This is a great treatment for anyone with acne prone skin or for anyone looking to just cleanse the city air from their skin. It’s also hella relaxing. I fell asleep five minutes into the treatment. Whoops.

Now, for those of you worried about down time after the procedure, there isn’t any. You look better than when you walked in, with a face that’s fresh and squeaky clean. If you’d rather put hot pokers in your eyes than leave any place without makeup, never fear, as you can apply makeup on the skin once again straight after the therapy. While you’ll see a difference after just one treatment, this is recommended as a regular course of therapy to keep the skin looking its best. 

The price of LED Light Therapy at  Sarah Chapman is set currently at £70. However, keep an eye out for special offers. For Chelsea in Bloom, for example, they had the treatment on special for £40.

Sarah Chapman

259 Pavilion Road, Chelsea, London SW1X 0BP

020 7589 9585


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