The best hair extensions in London: The solution for short hair that longs to be lengthy

I’ve been pretty open, over the past couple of months, about how much I miss having my Lady Godiva hair. It takes cutting it all off to realise what a security blanket it was for all that time. Don’t get me wrong – totally a liberating thing to do – but, I don’t think I was emotionally ready for the change. Let’s be honest here, no one died, my hair just went slimline. It happens. I was ready for the long wait of regrowth. I’d settled into the fact that the next year would be spent on keeping my hair in the best shape it’s been, so that the new long hair would be shinier and more fantastic than ever before. But then, I received an invitation by email to try on a different solution for size.

Enter my good friends at Harrods and a new friend in the form of Extension Professional. I had been invited to meet with the founder and explore the new service that was on offer for the first time in Harrods’ award winning spa, The Urban Retreat. Whenever I get an invitation to the Urban Retreat I never say no. I have discovered more groundbreaking beauty treatments here than in any other salon/spa in London. They have a reputation and for good reason. So, along I skipped to the launch of Extension Professional. More or less I was headed in for a head full of extensions. Only, these aren’t your average hair extensions. 

For starters, Extension Professional’s offering at Harrods isn’t for permanent hair extensions, but rather hair that you clip in at your own convenience. The clip-ins are 150g of the highest quality human hair that are only just starting their journey to being your perfect match as they arrive in box, at your side, in the salon. For my fitting, my stylist perfectly matched the colour to my colour before doing anything else. They even offer a service whereby they will match your colour exactly by colouring it the same way your real hair is coloured, from dip dye to bright hot pink. The pieces are then put in place and examined in detail. Then, the scissors come out. As we all have different needs, as far as length and style, the Urban Retreat aims to make these extensions exclusive to you. After they are fitted, they are cut and styled exactly to your specifications. So whether you are going for luscious long locks or just looking to add a little volume to your current length, the clip-ins can be amended either way. Pretty genius, if you ask me. 

The whole Extension Professional service is bookable now at Urban Retreat at Harrods. Prices start from £199 and the extensions will last the test of time (if you take proper care – don’t worry, they give you a full course on what’s needed for maintenance). At the moment, I’m saving mine for special occasions, so look out for them dotted here and there in style posts! 

Fashion Foie Gras was given a complimentary service by Extension Professional and Urban Retreat. 


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