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Caroline Flack Speedo

A few weeks ago, I got asked to come on set with Caroline Flack and style the super celeb in some outfits based around the Speedo Sculpture swimsuit collection. The idea was to showcase ways in which the suits could translate into outfits when you step away from the pool or beach this season.

Now, I have to start by saying that I have a bit of history with Speedo, but it has very little to do with my fashion history. When I was younger, my sport of choice was competitive swimming. I more or less spent 50% of my waking life wandering around in a Speedo one piece. This was actually my official “wardrober,” if you will. And I loved them. Of course they were the best for competitive swimming, but they also had a way about them that truly slimlined the body – which was needed to achieve faster times while swimming. I remember always thinking they should jump into the wide world of leisurely swimsuits (if that makes sense). So I feel it’s sort of a wink from the universe that I would get a call to work with Speedo and Carolina Flack on a new initiative focusing on body confidence and a new look and feel for the brand. You can imagine that when the call came in, I didn’t have to think twice before asking them what time they wanted me and where. I might have also cheekily asked if I could get a sneak peek at the suits in question – and this is where the real excitement began. 

The new collection is called Speedo Sculpture and it does just about everything it implies. This is a bathing suit line that is all about aiding in body confidence – as Caroline Flack talks about in the style video below. Speedo Sculpture has all-over body shaping, tummy control and bust support. Need I say more? I want the whole collection for my debut on the golden sands this summer. Bright colours, new flattering shapes and fabulous jungle inspired neon prints guarantee that this a one piece collection that is designed for all ages.

For years I thought that as women we get to an age where you are forced to wear a one piece – it isn’t a decision you want to make. But I do believe that’s been because the styles haven’t been right, or at least right for me. Speedo Sculpture has me genuinely excited and a little less intimidated by the beach already. 

Now – for those of you looking to style your suit this summer, from lounger to lunch, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

1. Dress to impress – I’m a firm believer in the power of the dress for the easiest way to go from poolside to luncheon. Throw on either a kaftan or a simple shift dress, tie your hair back in a ballerina bun and add earrings or a statement necklace (with some massive black glasses) and you’ll find yourself the most glamourous woman at the bar asking for your tiny umbrella cocktail (we’re on holiday right- has to have a tiny umbrella!).

2. Separates are your best friend – I do not enter any tropical destination without a great pair of shorts and an oversized white button shirt. Either worn separate, or together, this is striking combination of outfit solutions. Jean cutoffs are preferred, as they’re cool, casual and oh so “island,” but they are most definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. Find a pair of shorts that matches perfectly with your Speedo Sculpture suit and the pairing will look like a match made in heaven (just check out Caroline wearing this ensemble above).

3. It’s all about body confidence – At the end of the day you could be wearing absolutely everything, but if you aren’t wearing a confident smile, it’s all going to look rather disastrous. This is why, of course, getting yourself into an ensemble where you feel amazing is perhaps the most important ingredient in this style recipe. Start with the suit and find a cut and colour that is flattering to you. Here are just a few from the new Speedo Sculpture range:

Speedo Sculpture

4. Contrary to what your momma told you, stripes are a girl’s best friend – This summer, whether you are wearing stripes on your top, your bottom, or from head to toe, this pattern of dress is a definite style lifter. As you’ll see on Caroline, above, striped trousers are an instant match for bright colours. This suit is perfectly complimented by an easy fit trouser sporting some serious sailor stripes. This was most definitely my favorite look of the day.

Now, go forth and sun yourself in elegant ensembles! And visit Speedo Sculpture for some serious style contenders for summer fun!

Fashion Foie Gras worked in collaboration with Speedo.


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