14 days later… the System Professional recap

When I first sat down with the experts at System Professional, I was told that women across the UK had been returning to their hairdressers two weeks after entering the System Professional regime and demanding to see their stylist. Naturally, this is every stylist’s nightmare. Usually clients only return when they wish to complain about their cut or colour. But, for the first time, women were returning to the salon to thank their stylists for their home care transformation. Women stepped back in to show off bouncy hair, shiny hair and hair that, quite frankly, looked salon fresh. I’m a cynic, through and through. So I was pretty convinced that this was just salesmanship at its finest. I wanted to drink the KoolAid and believe the hype. I left Wella’s London offices, with a bag full of products and hair ready to be improved and here’s what happened.

I went home and admired the instant transformation from the salon, first and foremost. This was hair that really did live up to what was being sold. It was indeed bouncier, it was so shiny that I’m pretty sure I blinded a few people with sun reflections on the way home, and it was as soft as silk. Sure, sure, who doesn’t have this sort of fabulous hair feeling after a salon visit, right? I’m still wondering when the whole thing reveals itself as a gimmick. Only, it never did. 

Two weeks on and my hair really does seem to have shifted in its makeup. I have been rough drying my hair at home, after using the shampoo, conditioner and serum that was recommended to me from the experts at System Professional. The proof, for me, however, is in the way other people react to my hair. Does that seem silly? I mean, I can think it looks amazing, but if other people aren’t complimenting does it really mean anything? It’s the whole “if a tree falls with no one around” sort of scenario. And ladies, the compliments have been rolling in. People have been asking me who is doing my blow outs – newsflash… it’s me! Others have wondered if I had put in extensions (ok, I did one day to get six more inches of hair, but that doesn’t count in this instance). 

The bottom line here is that we know no two hair scenarios are the same. It’s like skin – we are all after the perfect combo that will give us the greatest complexion and women the world over are willing to spend hundreds of pounds a month finding this perfect recipe for success. Why aren’t we all doing the same on hair? Well, I believe it’s because we’ve never been given the proper assistance needed to make this a reality. 

With the System Professional, we are offered a service that can cater to the masses in millions of different ways. One stop into the salon for a seat with an expert and you’re given a chance at having the hair of your dreams. Too much? Ok, let’s be realistic. These people can’t promise a new head of hair. You’re still working with what God gave you. You won’t instantly double the amount of hair on your head or grow the twelve inches you’ve been craving over night. But System Professional will improve upon what you’ve got. If nothing else, it’s worth giving it a go. 

Next steps? First of all, if you’re a die hard cynic like myself, you can take the first step of logging on to the System Professional site, taking the Energy Code quiz and getting some trial products sent your way to give it a go. Or, if you’re ready to get some real help and believe in the power of person to person advice, find your local System Professional salon and make an appointment with someone who can really set you up with the best set of tools to achieve salon-like hair on a daily basis. Simple as, right? 

Keep in mind that everything is also amendable. There are a few tweaks that I’ll be making to my system after giving it a go – but this is encouraged. The experts want to know what works and what doesn’t work – what you love and what you loathe. Just like any other regime, things need constant attention and management. After time, everything changes. But, I’m sticking with this. It works.

Fashion Foie Gras worked in collaboration with System Professional.


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