My perfect beach dress

As I write this, I’m praying you have a holiday planned – not just so you’ll have a place to wear this beautiful beach dress, but so that you’ll actually get the break you most likely well deserve. Call me crazy but I have this box in me laundry room that’s labeled “tropical escapes.” Throughout the year I find gorgeous pieces, everywhere from thrift stores to sample sales and I squirrel away these finds in this “tropical escapes” box and hope that the year will provide a destination worthy of breaking out these fantasy items. About two months ago I added one such item…

And yes, that item is staring back at you above. Monsoon and Accessorize have a good way of teasing us all by releasing a holiday shop VERY early in the year. I am pretty sure they think they’re doing us all a favor, but I blame them for my hours of daydreaming as I plan out where I’ll wear their stunning ensembles. I took a risk on the Ava Lace Dress – not knowing when or where I would wear it but thinking it would be the perfect hotel room to beach lounger dress. In the box it went. Two weeks ago, it came out to play in Marbella, Spain. I can confirm it’s everything and more (and still available to buy on the website). 


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