FFG Eats: Chick’n’Sours


You might remember a few weeks ago I posted a 60 second restaurant review about the best fried chicken in London. It was from a little place called Eggbreak, which has developed a cult like following in the past few months. The word is out – Fried Chicken is the new burger here in London. You most certainly didn’t hear it here first, but I’m helping in spreading the good word. After doing a little digging at Eggbreak, I discovered the chef behind the amazing chicken in Notting Hill actually had his own restaurant in East London. I think you know what happened next.

Yes, we made the long journey East. Ok, it isn’t that long a journey, but for us West Londoners, it feels like a lifetime. But I’ll tell ya, it was well worth the journey. We rocked up to Chick’n’Sours – the restaurant in question – on Sunday at noon. I had heard that this was an establishment that is no stranger to long lines of people waiting to get in. I thought, “the earlier, the better.” I had also heard that Sundays at Chick’n’Sours meant the ultimate Sunday lunch. This is what they call the “Sunday Fry-Up.” Let your imagination run wild. Ever heard of those monumental Thanksgiving moments in the USA where people fry up their turkeys in a deep fat fryer? Well, Chick’n’Sours has brought the concept to the Sunday roast. They take a whole chicken and fry it to perfection and then dress it so it’s ready to bite straight into upon arrival at your table. 


Naturally, I’ve gotten a little ahead of myself here and skipped over everything that comes before the Sunday Chicken Fry-Up. First we had appetizers – a small portion of hot wings with a side of blue cheese. I am not joking when I say I slipped into a mini food coma of happiness with my first bite of the Chick’n’Sours hot wings. These might just be the most beautiful battered wings that have ever passed these lips. They are also my future demise. I can see myself ubering to East London for the sole purpose of purchasing these wings for takeaway – where I will take them home and savor every bite in the comfort of my own home without judgement. 


The hot wings were washed down by a beautiful pina colada milkshake. Yes, please and thank you, I’ll have another. Basically a Sunday that should have been spent praying in a church was spent praying at the devilish ways in which a man can turn a chicken into a religious experience. 


390 Kingsland Road

London E8 4AA

Check website for opening hours before making the journey!


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