FFG Beauty: Perricone MD Facial at Metropolitan by COMO

A few weeks ago I noticed a tweet mentioning a facial in London. Now it must be said that facials for me are a dime a dozen on social media. Everyone is always talking about new ones here and there and the great things they can do. So, what on earth makes one facial stand out from another? For those of you that have been reading Fashion Foie Gras for at least a year, (or maybe you’ve been reading all seven years) you’ll know that there’s one skincare guru that has me hooked. I’ve been using one of his products for the past six years and it’s the one product I swear by and will do for the rest of my time on this earth. Of course I’m speaking of Dr. Perricone and his Cold Plasma serum. And here’s where I show my ignorance. I had no idea the great skincare guru had designed facials. And yes, said tweet was mentioning how great it was to step from the spa with glowing skin thanks to the beautiful products of Perricone MD. Turns out these facials are taking place in my own backyard – right here in London.

The timing, just after fashion week, seemed perfect for stepping into the lush spa at the Metropolitan by COMO hotel, the only spa in London to offer the Perricone MD facials. Of course this establishment is no stranger to the fashion set. I have been to more fashion launches here, in the hotel, than I could possibly count on two hands. There’s a reason this contemporary London landmark is a hotbed of activity, yet I had never had the honour of slipping into the spa for a memorable moment of skincare rejuvenation. All that was changing. From the luxurious bathrooms to the extensive spa menu, I suppose I should start by saying that I feel like the spa at The Metropolitan may soon become a second home. The COMO Shambhala Urban Escape offers a listing of treatments that would make any spa lover swoon. From acupuncture to the famous Red Eye Traveller Treatment, this is definitely an address for your little black book, ladies. But, let’s talk about what I’ve experienced and love, rather than speculate about the healing times that lie ahead in this haven for wellness.

I checked in for the Perricone MD Performance Facial on a Friday morning. The facial lasts for 75 minutes and costs £140. Thought I’d put that out there first and foremost to let you guys know I mean business. This is a facial that is both an investment in time and money. However, if you’ve ever used Perricone products before you will know that this is not at all a waste of money. His products and services are true investments in the beauty of your skin and this facial is no exception. As you would expect, all the products used are Perricone MD. The performance facial is about breathing new life into rather congested and city-fied skin. It’s a process that involves all the usual facial promises – cleansing and renewing – but with the technological twist that come with each one of Perricone’s highly acclaimed products, plus the healing hands of COMO’s talented therapists. The mixture of the two is pure gold for your complexion. The end result is a face that glows. You leave The Metropolitan ready to face the toxins that London throws at you on a daily basis. Yes, I know this isn’t at all a pleasant thought but we can’t all spend our lives hiding out in spas and avoiding the real world. But, that’s why these sort of treatments are so important. No one wants to hide away from the big exciting city, am I right? So it’s all about preventative measures- Perricone preventative measures! 

More info:

The Metropolitan by COMO Shambhala Urban Escape

Old Park Lane

London W1K 1LB

Tel: +44 (0)20 7447 5750

Email: met.lon@comoshambhala.com

Fashion Foie Gras was a guest of The Metropolitan for the Perricone Facial.


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