Clutch this: Frugal finds from the fields of fashion

spring summer clutch

Alright ladies, the sun is out, the birds are chirping and the season for clutching at bright pretty things is upon us. Start your fingers pumping now, as clutches this season are hotter than ever and the high street offering is nothing short of sensational. There is a little something for everyone, from fruit inspired shapes to tassels galore. The great news here is that you don’t have to be a gazillionare to have a closet full of lustworthy grabs. 

For those of you looking to put all other clutches to shame, here are 9 bags starting from a price point of 9.99. Doesn’t get much better!

1. The Ultimate Chill Pill: What needs to be said here? It’s a clutch that is a statement in so many ways… needed this in my life (purchased yesterday). 

2. Fringe for days: It’s pink, it’s sporting fringe and it’s oversized. It’s the colour pop you always wanted as your sidekick. 

3. Your furry friend: Who ever said that shearling was just for winter? This is the biggest bargain going on today’s page. 

4. The tall cacti: There’s no denying that the cactus is king for spring. 

5. Tasseled time: Tassels are hot for festivals but make for great city accessories too! This one is oversized and ready to rumble. 

6. Flamingo love: They’re pink, have legs like supermodels and are just about the most iconic and colorful statement to make in fashion right now!

7. Tropical dreaming: Can’t be in the tropics? Nothing says you can’t carry something that will remind you it’s all just a plane ride away. 

8. Spot on: Don’t forget polka dots for the season ahead! A great accessory to everything from boyfriend jeans to a little white dress. 

9. Fruity: Get your fix with a watermelon clutch. It’s all so very Dirty Dancing. 


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