Best dining in Marbella: Bibo by Dani Garcia

Since starting FFG years ago, I cannot tell you the number of restaurants I have had the pleasure of dining in and, ultimately, reviewing. However, I can tell you that there are only a handful, at best, of restaurants where I have left thinking I wouldn’t change a thing… ever. Well, last month that list got a little bigger with my introduction to Dani Garcia’s Bibo at Puente Romano Resort in Marbella, Spain. Of course one would expect to be greeted by perfection from a two star Michelin chef, but this casual dining experience simply took my breath away. Sure, they do burgers (like nothing you’ve ever seen), but even I wasn’t missing the carnivore’s favorite meal when it came time to see the goodies Garcia had placed before us. 

From whole marinated seabass to Iberico pork shoulder loin, this was a meal that did not scrimp on flavour nor presentation. Bibo is a culinary arts’ paradise. Every single one of the senses is tickled as you dine here. Guests are greeted by what looks like a large octopus attempting to overcome the dining area as they approach their tables – the decor is outstanding. And when they arrive at their playground for the meal, they are given Tarot cards that seem to match personalities with cocktails. Yes, you must order a cocktail here, no matter the hour you are dining. They are meals in themselves. The atmosphere here is jovial, unpretentious and truly a celebration of fabulous ingredients and an incredible imagination. 

If I had a rating system, this gem of a find would be scoring off the charts. It is one to add to your list of must dine restaurants for Marbella, Spain. Make your reservations now, however, as this isn’t so much a secret anymore. Dani Garcia – you have left me wanting more!

Fashion Foie Gras was a guest of Bibo for lunch.


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