FFG Beauty: Life changing eye concealer from Sisley Paris

anti-dark circles skin care regime

There comes a point in every woman’s life where the best under eye concealer becomes essential. It is sleep. Yeah, that’s the best description I’m capable of when it comes to what a great concealer can replicate, and the one thing that needs a bit of assistance as the years roll on. Call it genes, too many late nights or just the general course of aging, but I’m finding that my beauty dollars are now best spent on this secret weapon. And there is one product that works like an weapon of mass destruction when it comes to eliminating any sign of fatigue in the under eye area.

Enter Sisley’s Phtyo-Cernes Eclat…. the best under eye solution I have ever used. This is no exaggeration and if you’re in the market for such a product, I’d tell you to go straight to the Sisley counter before visiting anywhere else. Everything from application to finished look seems to trump any other product I’ve ever purchased. I was trying to put a number to how many tubes of under eye concealer I’ve been through over the years when I realized I have never had a month where I’ve bought a “repeat” tube. I’ve always been someone who uses, abuses and finds a new product to test out. I reckon that’s seen me go through at least 100 different product ranges over the past decade. So, yes, I consider myself a bit of an expert on this particular beauty savior.

The technical bites:

So what is Sisley Paris Photo-Cernes Eclat?
You know it’s not actually marketed as an under eye concealer. It’s sold as an anti-dark circles skin care regime. This is a formula created specifically to treat, not jut mask, dark areas under the eye. Surprisingly, I’ve found it’s a one step solution to concealing any extra luggage you may be carrying underneath the eyes. Not only does it cover, it also aids in reducing puffiness, smoothing wrinkles and significantly reducing the size of under eye bags over time. Yes, it’s a miracle in a tube.

Now, about the price. It’s not cheap. This isn’t your drug store purchase. It’s £60 pure tube, but it’s worth every penny for the look it provides. I feel more awake because I look more awake. Does that make sense? This has become my new shield from feeling like an overworked and under-reseted zombie. And I never like to keep these things a secret. You know me. Spread the word. 


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