Celebrating a brand that is celebrating women: Pandora’s new era

In 2014, I had the unique opportunity to witness the beginnings of a brand. I don’t mean the exact start of the brand itself, but rather where the product starts its life. In October of that year I was invited to take a look at the Pandora factories in Thailand. I wrote a piece on the experience entitled “Discovering the Heart of Pandora” and I think it is perhaps one of the most important pieces I have ever had the honour of writing. The brand blew me away. From the factory to women’s jewellery boxes in 100 countries, across six continents on the globe, this was a brand that had a mission. They were clear with us that they felt great privilege in being a part of so many millions of women’s lives. And today, they have launched a new campaign that, for me, solidifies their commitment to a bigger message. Today, I’m pleased to give you a first look at Pandora’s new campaign, Unique As We Are.

With this new launch, Pandora looks to unite the women that have loved the brand for years across the globe. And let me just tell you that’s a large number of women. Pandora were perhaps the first jewellery brand to give women the opportunity to share a common love of a certain type of jewellery, while also allowing them to break through a uniform look and make it their own entirely. My first introduction to the charm bracelets, and the thousands of unique charms, made this very clear.

Today, however, Pandora are going one step further and showcasing that uniqueness in their customer. In their new campaign, shot by photographer Cass Bird, the brand showcases women from all lifestyles, ethnicities and age groups. For the first time, they are showcasing the great diversity in their clientele, while telling the story of a common thread – the ultimate power of women.  This is truly a celebration of both the brand and the customers that have remained loyal for so many years. And I have a feeling this is only the start, so watch this space! 

But hey, you’re here to see a campaign. So without further ado, I would love to introduce you to the new look of Pandora, Unique as We Are. 


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