Beauty & The Box: The new way to discover the next best thing in health and skincare?

The Liberty Be Well Box: £65

There is a new discovery method in beauty and it comes to us by way of box. Ok, first of all – who am I kidding? This is hardly new. Only, it is new in the way that it’s actually become worth taking a look. Long gone are the days of simply sending samples of beauty products to those interested in finding the next big thing in beauty. Finally, people have clocked onto the fact that full sized bottles are needed to truly hook someone onto their product. How is anyone supposed to see that something works after just one application anyway? Could never really put my full weight behind that. But, times they are a changing!

Over the past year I’ve seen the development of some pretty intense beauty boxes and I just wanted to take a moment to tell you about two, in particular. Two that I believe are really paving the way for more beauty box collaborations in the future. 

Let’s kick off with Cult Beauty. They’ve now created numerous boxes with beautiful beauty guru Caroline Hirons and not only have they sold out, they’ve commanded wait lists. And so they should. These were products recommended by an expert, packaged together and sold as a whole for far less than if one were to buy them individually. Caroline basically puts together her dream box of products and tells people how to use them to boot. It’s a magical miracle in a box…hence the sell out. A brilliant collaboration with a brilliant result, right? Haven’t heard a bad word said yet. And, if you guys are followers of Caroline Hirons’ blog, you will see that there’s a new box with Cult Beauty in the making as we speak. Try to contain your excitement. 

For those of you that need an instant fix now, let me point you towards a beauty box I received last week from Liberty. Yes, London’s favorite department store has jumped into the mix and they are leaping into the marketplace with quite the stellar beauty box indeed. Well, should I say beauty? It is most certainly all about beauty, but it’s more about building beauty from the inside as well as servicing the outside. It’s what I’m officially referring to as soul food. But, Liberty like to call it the Be Well Box. Created in collaboration with fitness ambassadors Hip & Healthy, the box contains nine cult products and is priced at £65, but carries a value of over £165. Just a quick word about this box – it has everything from a Diptyque candle to my dream hair mask (called Nou Nou… love it). It’s a true journey of both body and soul and I have it on good authority that this may be the first, but it is most certainly not the last we’ll see of such a collaborative effort from Liberty. 

Really, all this is worth mentioning because I’ve found myself in one too many meetings with people discussing the old school beauty box. This is truly a new era and the beauty powers that be have listened to us as consumers, when we asked for more guidance in our routines and better products to trial with such guidance. I use the Cult Beauty and Liberty boxes as introductions to the new way forward. They by no means stand alone in the marketplace. As you find yourself shopping department stores or online beauty outlets, keep your eyes peeled for such buying opportunities. In the past year I have been introduced to at least three (that I can think of) beauty products which are now part of my day to day regime. Call me crazy, but I think that’s well worth the price of trial and error involved here. But you see, that’s just it – there’s no error as these boxes are curated to a fine point. Get in there,  beauty lovers. There’s plenty left to uncover. 


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