You won’t believe where these shoes are from… (and that they’re only £65)

Clarks fashion shoes

Whenever I’m out and about on Oxford or Regent Street, I consider myself in an “office” of sorts. I’m always looking around to see what can be featured or shouted about. I like to think of myself as constantly on the job, keeping an eye out for great finds around the city. It’s an occupational hazard, really. 

Today, however, I quite literally tripped on the pavement and steadied myself in front of a store window I would have not otherwise thought to gaze upon should I just have been walking by. I was standing in front of Clarks, and my hand rested a little too long on the window as I starred down the most glorious heels and flats that reminded me of something one might find at a Manolo Blahnik counter. Only I can guarantee you that no Manolos are going to be as feel good as these bad boys. They’re called that Chinaberry Fun block heel and they are £65. Need I say more? Go forth and purchase. Your feet can thank me later. Clarks… gotta say, you guys are really stepping it up… in comfort and style!


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