Introducing eve: Mattress Monogamy

Eve Mattress

I finally feel like a true and proper adult. Besides the usual stuff, like paying taxes and remembering to shut the stove off before leaving the house, I have always thought there was one thing that would make me feel like I had come of age and was really an independent in this world – someone able to stand alone and say, “I can take care of myself.” Brace yourself. It’s monumental. That moment was buying my first ever mattress. As many of you probably already know, when you’re in rented accommodation, mattresses aren’t usually something you worry about much. But, then that day comes when you aren’t living in random rentals and you’re forced to visit the mattress store, bounce around on beds, make arrangements for purchase and delivery and then spend a whole day of your life awaiting the moment the delivery men will actually turn up at your door. Yes, I have been there with friends before and vowed when my time came there would be a better way. And oh yes… dear friends… there is a better way.

Grown up me has discovered a mattress that couldn’t have had better timing entering my life. The past year I have been through hell and back with the most insanely ridiculous back problems. And get this, it turns out a lot of that was due to a shotty mattress. Who would have known? Then eve came into my life and I’m in an instant monogamous relationship with a mattress. No other will do. And here’s why…

First things first, and this is mainly why I’m taking time to write and recommend the eve Mattress – the whole process of ordering and delivery is second to none. This is the way forward for mattresses. You go online, pick your size and your delivery date and whamo, it’s at your door on the shoulder of a UPS man in a matter of days. Yes, it rests on someone’s shoulder. You see your mattress comes in a vacuum sealed plastic bag inside a box that’s about four feet tall and a foot and a half wide. I basically pushed the thing up two flights of stairs myself. It wasn’t the easiest thing, but a hell of a lot easier than pushing a full size king mattress up two flights of stairs on your own. Let’s be honest- that’s impossible. 

So I get the eve mattress up the stairs and I put it in the bedroom and start to take it out of its box. At this point I’m pretty sure they’ve sent me the wrong size, as how the heck is a king size bed in this box? Then the magic happens. I pry the mattress out of the box and instantly a killer whale explodes out of the middle. Ok, no killer whale. That was an exaggeration. In reality, the mattress itself expanded and all of the sudden what was something contained in a box became something that looked at that box and laughed… it was a massive king size mattress. It was like watching one of those “grow a boyfriend” toys you drop in a glass of water expand and grow at the speed of light. Within a minute I was laying on a mattress I knew would change my life. Need I say more? Well, yes, actually, there is some more clarification needed.

Eve Mattress

Eve Mattress

While eve mattress is marked as a revolutionary mattress, I do have to say it’s had mixed reviews in my household. It is a very firm mattress indeed. Very firm. It is the equivalent of the toughest Tempur mattress you can get. And let’s just call that what is is – a mattress that would normally have a price tag in the thousands. But while it is a firm mattress, it couldn’t be better for someone who has back problems. So of course it’s like I’ve found a new religion with eve currently being my best friend for eight hours a night.Yes, eve the mattress and I are 100% monogamous. There will be no other I ever sleep with or on. It’s the best kind of love there is. More info: eve

Eve Mattress


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