FFG Beauty: The best blow dry in a bottle

the best blow dry hair product

It’s no mystery that we’re all on the hunt for the perfect product that will give us that “fresh from the salon” look. Well, ladies, I’m pretty sure I just tripped upon it. 

I’ve yet to have an actual blow dry at Duck & Dry in London (watch this space as its on the cards now), but I have been using the Duck & Dry Blow Dry in a Bottle for the past week and I am quite simply obsessed. Truly – this is everything and more when it comes to what is promised on the bottle. Not only does it smell amazing, it also gives incredible shine, kills frizz on contact, adds texture and puffs your hair out like blowfish. And it’s all done by using amazing ingredients like Honey Locust, Ginseng, White Nettle and other essential oils. 

There is a part of me that does a special little cheer when a small company manages to get it oh so right – throwing out all the big cosmetic companies who hype their products to death with little to no actual results. Developed right in the UK, in Somerset to be exact, Duck & Dry’s Blow Dry in a Bottle is truly a product that has floored me. If I had a beauty product of the year for hair, let’s just say this would win the ultimate prize. Seriously… L-O-V-E!

Now here’s the nitty gritty. The product itself is £18. It’s available to buy online or in store at the King’s Road salon. Go forth and master the art of the perfect blow dry with the best product to hit stores so far this year…. 


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