FFG Beauty: The Sisley Supremya Anti-Aging Facial

Sisley Supreme Anti-Aging Facial

Who’s with me on the idea of scheduling facials around times when you can hide yourself away? For years I’ve brought big black sunglasses, worn large overcoats and slinked into taxis after facials in London. I’ve flown home, shut the door behind me and let my flared up skin recover in the privacy of my own living room. Facials, for the most part, are not “going out” friendly. They are, however,  absolute stars at giving a glow -the day after. Saying that, it’s all changed for me as of last week, as I was introduced to the Sisley Supreme Anti-Aging Facial at Josh Wood’s Atelier. 

I should probably kick off with explaining the pictures above. The first, taken just before the facial, showcases some pretty normal skin. After a series or rather challenging skincare trials, I seem to be coming out tops these days when it comes to things being clear and a lot less red. Yes, I’m counting my lucky stars. But, my skin does still look a bit dull and tired. Which leads me to this…

The second picture is taken ten minutes after the facial has finished. As I’m headed out into the world straight after, I’ve applied mascara (not too well, I might add) and a dab of bronzer. That’s it. Nothing else – no foundation, no powder, no special highlighter. That glow you are seeing is 100% a product of the Sisley Supreme Anti-Aging Facial. And folks – THAT is worth shouting about. This is the first facial I have had (and I’ve sat for 50+ over the last couple of years) where I am not only fearless about instantly re-entering the streets of London, I’m downright cocky about it. Mama has a glow! 

The Sisley Supreme Anti-Aging Facial is, well, it’s quite frankly life changing. But then again, I’ve been hearing for years, from my makeup artist friends, that Sisley is the biggest trick of the trade when it comes to skincare. It’s rich history has lent itself to a modern day cult like following – a secret of those in the know. Well, consider yourself clued in. 

To make an appointment, pick up your phone and dial 020 3393 0977. You’ll be headed to Josh Wood’s Atelier in Holland Park (pretty much the lap of luxury) and you may just want to make a day of it. Schedule in a blow dry, or a colour with the master. You won’t regret it! 


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