FFG Beauty Review: Mesotherapy Skin-prick nutrition

Mesotherapy skin prick nutrition - is it worth it?

Would you let someone inject your face hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of times with a healthy cocktail of hyaluronic acid, vitamins and antioxidants? Yes, I’m talking about needles, just one, but one that works so fast it’s like a sewing machine canvasing your face. Sound scary as hell? If you’re not frightened, you’re a braver woman than me. When I first entered the Medicetics clinic in London, I thought I was stepping through the door for a Hydra Facial. I’d read up on it, seen it’s a pretty big deal with all the big wigs in Hollywood and thought this 35 year old sleepless skin could use as much help as it could get these days.  But after sitting with the uber-doctor, Vicky Dondos (drop her name anywhere and people will wonder who you had to beg, borrow or steal from to secure an appointment), it was decided that the day would take a different direction. Enter the needles and a practice called Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy, or skin-prick nutrition, was described as this: a procedure that is revitalising, hydrating and simply fantastic when it comes to improving elasticity and tone. Since I’m no longer in my twenties, and have been preached to by every beauty industry person going about playing the prevention game, I thought I’d trust the expert, who promised the procedure was virtually painless. I was passed onto her technician, who I have come to absolutely adore and will return to see regularly, and told to make myself comfortable on the table. 

The room where I received my Mesotherapy resembled the setup of a normal dermatologist treatment area, with a likeness to a luxury spa. All on the up and up, really. Couldn’t find any fault with anything there. I was, however, given a small warning before starting. I was told that this would not be a “relaxing” facial like those I was most likely used to. While I should expect no pain, this was certainly not a pleasurable experience. The results, however, would be well worth the annoyance. 

The treatment begins with the needle slowly moving up and down your face. It only pierces the middle layer of the skin, nothing too deep – for those turning away out of horror. This isn’t as bad as it sounds, I promise you that! Of course the fear of the first prick was the worst part of my Mesotherapy with the Medicetics clinic. Why do we always do that to ourselves? Build up the worst? 

As the needle works its way around your face and neck, your technician will wipe away a liquid. Now because I like to think the worst, I thought she was wiping away blood. I think she could sense my unease and assured me that she was simply wiping away fluid from the needle that was being released into the skin. Fair enough. My heart could stop beating at 150 beats per minute. I’m simply saying this so you won’t need to be so elevated should you find yourself on the table. Anyway, after the first run with a slow coverage of needle pricks on the skin, a second go-over is needed and this is what resembles the speed of a sewing machine.

Now, let’s get the big question out here: Am I in pain at this point, having the needles from Mesotherapy injected into my face? I will not lie – the Medicetics clinic spoke truth when they warned that this would not be the most comfortable of moments. But you know what, it wasn’t the worst thing I’ve done to keep the skin in good nick. 

Second question on your mind is most likely “what do you look like after a course of skin prick nutrition?”Well, you look a little bit like this:

Mesotherapy skin prick nutrition - is it worth it?

I’m afraid I was a bit shocked at first. When you conclude the treatment, you are left to sit under a bright healing light (otherwise known as an infrared light… to get technical). This is used to help the skin recover quickly. Here I was wondering if I was going to go out onto the streets of London looking as if I had chicken pocks. I took a few pictures, as you can see, and sent them to my boyfriend and mother exclaiming, “I may look scary now, but just wait.” They didn’t even have a chance to reply before every single red bump had disappeared and my face simply returned to it’s before-treatment colour and texture. Thank heavens for that. Not to worry, however, as the clinic do offer a special makeup to assist you should your face not be exactly as you wish it to be upon leaving. They know the drill, people. 

So we have the burning questions about the procedure out the way. Should we address the question of whether or not it actually works? 

It must be said that a course of Mesotherapy treatments (3-6) is suggested in order to see the full benefit of the technology at work. However, after having just one I truly saw a difference. In fact, my biggest complaint, when it comes to my skin, was damn near solved. This is where it gets a little ironic as I actually think my skin is naturally too bumpy. I hate the texture. So it took me getting a thousand more bumps to get read of the little barely visible ones that were driving me up a wall. I also noticed smaller pores, a brighter complexion and a great reduction in redness over time. 

I guess the real proof is in followup. And yes, I was so sold on the first treatment that I’ll be returning for more. Hey if it’s good enough for Cindy Crawford (yes, apparently she is a regular user of Mesotherapy)…it’s good enough for me. Not sure my accountant will agree with that reasoning, but my skin sure as hell will.

The facts:

  • I received Mesotherapy, for review, at Medicetics, under the watchful eye of Dr. Vicky Dondos. 
  • The cost of each treatment of Mesotherapy is £120.
  • To see Dr. Vicky Dondos, which I highly recommend, it is an additional fee of £100. 
  • You’ll want to book now as these guys fill up faster than you’d believe. 

Last word… was worth every prick! 


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