6 items the fashion & beauty world are currently going gaga over

Over the years I’ve been handed down a lot of secrets from industry insiders about forthcoming trends and “here to stay” classics. So I thought it high time to bring you a regular feature on the item advice I’m given, kicking off with six recommendations/purchases featuring everything from clothing to beauty. The advice was so good, even I’ve bought into each and every one of the items featured here. And don’t be put off if some are a high price point. Knowing the fashion world, they’ll be high street versions hitting the market soon! Use this as a guide to what to look for, when it comes to fashion. For beauty, these products are not replaceable – they are the best of the best – and I use them each every single day, without fail.

1. Gap Captain Striped Shirt:

The Breton Stripe is a style that has no expiration date. Ask any fashion editor and I’ll guarantee she has at least half a dozen Breton stripes on standby at any given moment. Yes, they are that treasured. In later years, designers have taken the classic stripe and mixed it with contemporary trends such as the statement sweater. And voila! you have the Gap Captain shirt. There are a few different styles here but we’ve already seen it paired with floral swing skirts, overalls and skinny jeans – just to name a few. The perfect piece to transition into spring like a seasoned professional.

2. Living Proof Travel Size Perfect Hair Day

I’ve written about this lifesaver time and again, and now the secret is well and truly out there. Seems every time I’m with the fashion gang we’re talking about the life changing way in which this product transforms our hair. Yes, it is a miracle cure for everything from providing volume to fighting frizz! The travel size is new and perfect for every quick trip around the world – carry on only or not!

3. Aquazarra Wild Thing Suede Sandals

Aquazarra have famously released a few styles now that have sold out and solidified the brand’s place in fashion trend history. Their latest sandal is a mid-sized heel version of their sold-out fringe from last season. Just released, this style is sure to follow in the footsteps of its predecessor, so get in there and purchase now before it’s too late. AZ – personal thanks for giving us a better heel to stomp around in. Those four and a half inchers were a killer!

4. Pierre Hardy fringed bag

Are you getting the memo here that fringe is once again a hit for the season ahead? I hope you didn’t pack away all your fringe from last season! Would have been a huge mistake. Or you can just play into the new styles – mainly this beauty from Pierre Hardy. You have to love a suede fringe number!

5. Hourglass Ambient Strobe Lighting Powder

Hourglass is no longer an industry secret at all. The word is out – this compact gives you a complexion like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. I’m not sure how I ever lived without it, but I sure am counting my blessings now that I need it more than ever. Three hours sleep never looked so good.

6. Liquid Gold

So let’s say you want to start with a clean complexion, rather than going for the Hourglass headfake. Well, get thee some Liquid Gold. I can’t tell you how often I’ve been recommended this product from makeup artists. They swear by it to fix any skin problems that have time to be mended overnight. It helps with acne, anti-aging and general complexion. You will find this in every beauty fanatic’s closet of tricks of the trade. 


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