These are the most comfortable heels in the world, hands down

So here’s how the Sargossa shoe conversation played out:

Friend: You have to try on these high heels for size.

Me: I don’t wear high heels. Never have, never will – I’m 6’3 and I look like Bambi trying to walk around in these uncomfortable contraptions.

Friend: Trust me, these are different. They are the most comfortable things ever.

Me (after trying on): Ummmm… true statement. I could walk a mile in these shoes.

Friend: Read the bottom of the shoe.

Yes, the truth is that I rarely, if ever, wear high heels outside a studio shoot. I just can’t make it happen. Shoe designers, to me, seem to have it out for women. They create beautiful shoes and then make them so uncomfortable to walk in that women are just permanently in “suffering” mode. I’ve never seen a clear reason to join that pack. Although, I have sat back in envy as I’ve watched legs become elongated, bums sit higher in the air and posture become as straight as an arrow, all as a result of wearing high heels. Let’s just say I gave up the idea. I’m tall enough. Heels just won’t be a part of my life.

Then the Sargossa shoes intro happened and I’m head over heels (whoops!) in love. Sadly, at this moment in time, they don’t have a huge range of styles in my size, so I’m dealing with just the one pair. But, I walked around in a pair yesterday and just couldn’t stop thinking about the future of heel wearing if this is where the technology is headed. It could change everything. But, I wanted to start by changing your heel situation and sharing the secret I’ve been handed – Sargossa! There, it’s not a secret anymore. 

Seriously, ladies, if you’re battling with the heel hurt dilemma, try these on for size. They are reasonably priced and truly a life changing level of comfort. Foot surgeons and engineers have been working together for years to put together this patent pending technology that reads like a scientific report.

My work here today is done! Go forth and remember, “There is nothing a woman can’t do in stilettos” – particularly if they are Sargossa. Love, love, love. And just to put any doubt to rest- this is no sponsored endorsement, just me saying that this is a problem solver for women everywhere and I’m happy to share the knowledge.

Ps. Sargossa – give us more styles to choose from!!!!!!! 


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