Style Update: Adventures in a canoe

Have you ever taken a spin in a canoe? Ok, perhaps “spin” is the wrong verb to use here in describing what happens on the water. Canoeing is a peaceful experience and one I’ve enjoyed since I was a little one (yes, there was a time that I wasn’t 6’2). The other day, I took a canoe out with my dad in the early hours, around the island – hence the pajamas and snow boots. It was a casual outing, so I came dressed for comfort. 

When it comes to moments to remember over Christmas, this one tops the charts. Paddling into marsh grass, sipping coffee as the sun comes up and trying my best not to think about the soon to come flight back to London was all too overwhelming. There is such tremendous beauty in the Lowcountry that I do find myself at a loss for words more often than not. Hey, it’s why you see me returning every other month. Once you find paradise, you return as often as possible. And this is my idea of paradise. 

Now about that outfit. Yes, I’m wearing plaid pajamas with my favorite Sorel Boots (incidentally also worn this week by Miss Elle Macpherson) and my go-to J.Jill cardigan. Shop the look herewith: 


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