Shopping London: Belgravia’s Elizabeth Street

Ugh. So here’s the thing. For those of you that know me, and know me well (yes, you can count yourself if you’ve been reading FFG from the start), you’ll understand that I like to think I know it all. Ok, I can’t possibly know it all. But, after living in London for 14 years, I like to think I know just about everything there is to know about shopping. I’ve been the go-to girl for years for friends and family visiting who want to know where they should set up camp for super shopping sprees and I’ve delivered excellent advice for over a decade thus far. Never a complaint has come my way after setting up “spending itineraries.” Only now, I am afraid I have to admit that I don’t actually know everything. This admission comes with a bit of a twist, however, as the “not knowing” has led to a brilliant new discovery – Belgravia’s Elizabeth Street

I’ve been to Elizabeth Street before – briefly, and wearing blinders, as it would seem. A few years ago I appeared on the street for a quick blow-dry at Blo by Realhair (excellent, by the way). I hoped out of the cab for the blow-dry and quickly hoped in another one after I was finished. What was I thinking? The answer is – I wasn’t. If only I had seen the goldmine laid out before me. The treasure trove of shopping delights was just there at my fingertips and I was too concerned with making a meeting on time to lift my head and take a look around. Lesson learned and that leaves us where we are today.

Last week I set aside a morning to fully explore Elizabeth Street, with the idea of introducing this new discovery to you properly. Such a dignified area deserves a polite introduction to the masses. There are dozens of shops on Elizabeth Street, and they are all meant to be explored and enjoyed, from pastry shops to clothing brands with heart. For this trip to Elizabeth Street, I thought I’d focus in on what we do best here – fashion – and give you a top list of brands to visit while strolling the street. Ok, just one thing. Before we kick off officially with the fashion of Elizabeth Street – make sure you start your morning shop with a cake and a coffee at Peggy Porschen (pictured above). This will set you up nicely for the sweet wardrobe treats that follow….

1. Beulah 

When I say a brand with a heart – Beulah takes the cake. The founders of Beulah, Natasha and Lavinia, launched the luxury label after working in an aftercare home in the Delhi slums and experiencing, first hand, the effects of human trafficking. They wanted to develop a brand that would support the local woman in the area in which they worked. And Beulah was born. While many in London know this brand for its beautiful and delicate creations, few know that their purchases truly do go to a greater good. There is unparalleled beauty to be discovered in this shop.

Visit for: outstanding attire for all special parties this holiday season and the perfect present for the ladies in your life with a monogrammed scarf!

2. Tabitha Webb 

What can I say about Tabitha Webb? Well, I guess I should start with the most important glowing endorsement: Princess Catherine and Pippa Middleton are massive fans – and with good reason. Tabitha’s dresses are one of a kind and all around fantastically flattering. And Tabitha herself? Well, i have a new girl crush – that’s for sure. This is a designer who bares her soul on her garments. Her personality is every bit as addictive as the pieces hanging on racks in her store. 

Visit for: A dress to make you stand out from the crowd. Think Princess glamour. 

3. Donna Ida

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. Donna Ida is the lady to see when it comes to jeans. She is my jean queen – truly. Since moving to London, I’ve consulted no one else when it comes to the denim that covers this booty. The store is stocked with top brands, including Donna’s own – Ida. From skinny to flares, sweatshirts to furry pom-pom hats, this is most definitely the casual highlight of your Elizabeth Street shopping adventure. 

Visit for: Casual wear, mostly in the form of denim!

4. Salt Store

I’ve been in love with the Salt Resort collections for years. Curated by the best, the brand saw fit to open a store that wasn’t all about resort – for those looking to wear the edit year round. This is truly a collection of the best out there, including a lot of London “royalty” when it comes to fashion. From over the knee boots to perfectly put together ponchos, this is a gold mine for your closet. 

Visit for: That one piece that will make you stand out from the crowd.

5. Bionda Castana 

The shoes in here speak for themselves. Bionda Castana is a brand of great legend. The designer’s shoes are quite simply stunning, from classics to more daring and statement-led pieces. To own a pair from this boutique, is to own a piece of art you will treasure for a lifetime. Warning: Be careful – you’ll want everything.

Visit for: Heels made for walking – straight onto the red carpet!

For those of you wanting to take in the ultimate luxury experience when it comes to Elizabeth Street, there’s also now a service enlisting the talents of stylist Milda Chellingsworth. She’ll help you do everything from getting dressed for work, to getting dressed for the perfect holiday getaway. 

A few pics of some additional gems you can spot along the way…


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