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Over the past three months I haven’t managed to scroll through any social network without some mention of Soho Farmhouse. Absolutely everyone seems to be taking a mini break in Oxfordshire at the idyllic hotspot. And, quite frankly speaking, I was starting to feel a bit out of the loop. So, as a member of Soho House, I took matters into my own hands and decided I’d book a little getaway of my own – under the guise of a birthday surprise for the man.

On a regular ole Tuesday, we made the journey to Soho Farmhouse. On the drive up (an easy 90 minutes from London) I started to wonder if the Farmhouse would live up to the hype. All I had heard was that it was quite simply miraculous – a brand new way to relax and enjoy the countryside. Yes, that’s how I had actually heard it described, as a Londoner’s country paradise. I’m a country girl at heart, so I was confused by this description of city meets country. It took all of three minutes for me to fall in love.

We drove onto the 100 acre property and were greeted by two very friendly women at the gates. They invited us to park our vehicle and pop in for a glass of wine as we registered and they prepared transport to our room. A tall and handsome gentleman arrived on the scene, wearing wellies and a beautiful Barbour jacket. We were led to a BMW that was caked in mud, both inside and out. Welcome to the country (I found this absolutely charming). A swift ride to our cabin and I knew I had found paradise. Yes, yes, yes…. Soho Farmhouse is everything and more. It 100% deserves every bit of hype. We walked into our cabin – number 16 – and were faced with a picturesque kitchenette that had everything from a contemporary coffee machine to a picnic basket, complete with plaid blanket. The main room had a fire burning in front of a kingsize bed, that looked out over a wrap around porch that sat on streaming river. Two rocking chairs, two loungers and a chair and table for dining were dotted over the porch. But, the main attraction was the stainless steel tub tucked away in the corner. Whoever thought up this genius addition to the cabins will one day get a great big embrace from me – just a warning. 

While the room will keep you occupied for hours, days even, one may wish to socialize with others outside their sleeping quarters. Enter the entertainment overload of Soho Farmhouse. While you could easily believe you are the only people on the property, should you keep to yourselves, it would be a mistake to miss the beautiful options available to guests in public areas at Soho Farmhouse. The restaurants are worth the price of admission alone. Soho Farmhouse could easily be mistaken as a tiny village- of course that’s the thinking. There’s a main restaurant on site, a pub, a coffee house and even a comfy area for work or play above the main dining area. One could spend their whole experience just discovering the beauty of the public spaces. 

Let’s just say eating or drinking isn’t you thing (stop reading now, you’re on the wrong site… just FYI). Soho Farmhouse also offers plenty of options for those looking for a more active lifestyle. The spin class, I have on good authority, is insanely good. I was too busy having a massive breakfast to take notice. You can also burn off calories with a row in a boat on the lake, a swim in the indoor or outdoor pool, or perhaps with a stop at the stables for a quick canter with a beautiful horse. If you’re looking for a more laid back approach to the day, you can have coffee in the farmyard or head back to your room for a game of scrabble. Yes, they have boardgames in the room! Be still my beating heart. And make sure you take the bikes, that are waiting for you outside your cabin, to and from the main areas. Truly, these guys have thought of everything.

In a nutshell, I’ll say that Soho Farmhouse is more than I could have ever anticipated. In fact, it’s so fabulous that I booked out my next stay before I left the premises. This is my new country escape and for fear of it being booked forever and beyond, I’m booking my regular retreats now. Who’s headed there soon? Shall we plan a massive retreat or a row boat race? Get thee to Soho Farmhouse (it’s open to everyone) now! 40 cabins book out fast. Just don’t go taking number 16. It’s mine, all mine! I wonder if they’d be interested in a permanent resident!

Soho Farmhouse

Great Tew, Chipping Norton OX7 4JS 


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