FFG Eats: Egg Break in Notting Hill

There are two things I absolutely love as a foodie – fried chicken and breakfast. These two seem to meet occasionally, in the form of chicken and waffles or chicken and biscuits – both which I have tried and adore as a healthy and balanced start to the day. However, I’ve yet to have a chicken bun for brekkie, until now. Last Saturday I found myself sitting at Egg Break in Notting Hill. It’s not a new establishment, I’m just late to the game. Egg Break opened this summer and has had a pretty steady flow of people filling its seats since launch day. One look at the menu and it’s easy to understand why. This is true comfort food, from eggs any style to meat filled buns. 

I took the man with me for breakfast, promising a sweet and savoury experience that would blow his mind, and Egg Break most certainly delivered. We decided, upon arrival, that we would each try one of the meaty buns – so as to sample as much as possible. I ordered the chicken bun, for obvious reasons, and the man ordered the pork belly bun. 

Now a word about the chicken bun. This isn’t your average combo. The chicken bun is fried chicken, a fried egg, pickled green tomatoes, red onion and mayonnaise. Are you salivating yet? The mixture of melt-in-your-mouth chicken with the sweetness of the onion and pickled tomatoes was a struck of culinary genius. We agree it was surprisingly lighter than what we were expecting. Only the opposite could be said for the pork belly bun. Imagine stripes of succulent pork belly topped with a slice of sausage, layered with a fried egg, rocket and a spicy mayo. There are so many flavors in each bite, you have to give your tastebuds a breather between every mouthful. Positively delicious! 

I’ll just offer this tidbit of advice. If you are headed to Egg Break for breakfast, come with an empty tummy. You’ll want to finish every bite and order again and you don’t stand a chance if you arrive only slightly famished. 

Egg Break

30 Uxbridge St, 

London W8 7TA


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