FFG Eats: 22 Christmas Day recipes for the ultimate foodie

posted on: Tuesday, 15 December 2015

This Christmas I'm cooking dinner. Of course you know that already know that as earlier last week I was talking Christmas dinner place settings. Talk about putting the horse before the cart. I'm still trying to plan my Christmas menu, from breakfast through until the main event After extensive research online, which involved reading over 300 of my favorite cooking blogs and stalking pinterest like a woman possessed, I've finally narrowed the menu down to a choice of 25. It needs further editing, but the recipes look so delicious I thought I'd share for those of you looking for possible newbies on the Christmas day menu.
Let's start with breakfast...

Did I say that the recipes are for 24 hour usage? We're talking food plans here from dawn til' dusk. Naturally, we need to kick off with coffee!

(via Fab Fatale)

Now on from breakfast to the main event (is anyone really still hungry at this point?!)... kicking off with the drinks!

Now for the starters and sides on the menu and up for discussion!

12. The most delicious way to incorporate Brussel Sprouts into the Christmas meal!

Now for the main course, the main event, the big foodie moment!

And finally, how about something for the sweet tooth? Dessert!!!!
For more ideas on how to cook for Christmas, check out my Pinterest board Christmas at Home!