2015 post-Christmas sale guide: An A-Z shopping Guide

posted on: Monday, 28 December 2015

Where to get the best deals for post-christmas sales!
The post-Christmas sale shopping saga can all be a bit much for people these days. So many sales, so little time and patience right? Well, never fear, FFG is here. I've only gone and put together a comprehensive sales guide for you - detailing the best offers and selecting the top five items from every site putting on the ritz when it comes to sales extravaganzas. A word of warning before you click any further: There are some fabulous steals out there and your credit card is definitely at risk! 
Note: When I mention sale items being an additional percentage off, the additional percentage is not yet taken on the items shown in my top picks... which means more money off... lots more money!


Prices shown herewith are original prices, not sale-

Prices shown herewith are original prices, not sale-

(Had to throw in a little something for the home!!!)

Prices shown are pre-all discounts taken (and there are some massive discounts)

24. Victoria's Secret - over 60% 3000+ styles (no need for a guide here - you know what underwear you require)