“What a girl wants” for Christmas Day 8: A trusted furry friend

The best Christmas present I have ever received was a envelope containing a promise. My father, after years of hearing me beg and plead, had finally succumbed to promising me a puppy of my very own. Don’t get me wrong – we’ve always lived with dogs, but none before had ever been all mine. On Christmas morning I awoke to a greeting card with a very special message inside, “a puppy is waiting for you to claim.” This puppy would become one of the greatest loves of my life. As a teenager I can say nothing comes close to this sort of companionship. A mate that’s there to snuggle you when your best girlfriends turn on you, a furry friend who licks away your tears from young love’s meaningless problems and, more important than anything else, a partner that never talks back to you. This pup loves you no matter what’s happening. Of course, this is why I took such pleasure in working with Dogs Trust in 2015. And it’s why I am recommending, today, that the best present you can give this Christmas is the gift of a dog. And what could be better than rescuing a puppy from Dogs Trust and giving them a new home to call all their own come Christmas morning. It’s a gift for everyone involved. Oh, and I should mention every picture above is taken with a Dogs Trust pup. I wanted to take them all home after visiting the kennel.

So, if you’re in the market, please take a moment to look at the hundreds of dogs up for adoption on Dogs Trust website.  Your future family soulmate could be ready and waiting, hoping for a big reveal on Christmas day!


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