This shampoo takes you through the Christmas scent spectrum…. brilliant!

The other day I got a package from Catwalk by Tigi. I’ve never tried the shampoo or conditioner before but have heard good things. I go through shampoo like water – comes with the territory of having hair that’s as long as mine is, I suppose. Anyway, I digress. Here I am wondering what the heck Catwalk by Tigi Oatmeal and Honey shampoo and conditioner is going to do for my hair and I get the best surprise of all time. Keeping in mind this whole scene plays out the first week in November, please. 

I start “sudding” – is that a technical term for shampooing for suds? Anyway, I start and I get this amazing scent of morning. I’m assuming this is the oatmeal. For me, it’s like being home for Christmas and waking up to my mom’s oatmeal in the morning in December, when it’s freezing and miserable outside. I’m 100% nostalgic at this point, near to crying in the shower, over shampoo. What’s wrong with me? Then the scent changes to a sort of cinnamon and spice vibe. Where did that come from? And here I’m thinking, we’re going through the Christmas scents and this isn’t even intended as a Christmas shampoo of any kind. I have to tell the world about this amazing new discovery. I have to tell the Christmas fanatics like myself that there’s a shampoo that will start your day on the perfective festive note. Is that wrong? 

Oh, and I suppose I should mention the perks of the shampoo. Obviously it’s not all about Christmas. It’s just as much about the actual product as it is the scent. So here’s the end result: the hair ends up being as fabulous as the scent of the shampoo. My hair is shiny, fuller and I’ve been basically just blowdrying it, with no extra styling, for the past week. I’m pleased as punch and in an insanely festive mood. Smiles all around. Get your hands on this, ladies and gents. It’s Christmas in the shower every morning – when does that happen? 


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