The definition of HOME: The South Carolina Lowcountry

So here’s the constant dilemma at hand for the good ole fashion goose. I am a homebody – always have been, always will be. And the struggle I have, every time I’m home, in South Carolina, for longer than an hour, involves the question of returning. I’ve built a blog around travelling the globe, but I do believe at the backbone of FFG is London. It’s where this all started. It’s where friendships have been formed over the past decade, where I’ve become buddies with shop owners and even where I have places and people that I can seek out in times of need. It has taken on a role of adopted home for me and, as such, has become equally difficult to say goodbye to. I am a women stuck between two places. I am split in half in every moment of every waking day and it hurts. Yeah, sure it’s all #firstworldproblem stuff. I totally get that. But truly, this is the year that a decision is made to stay or go. Now, this won’t have any bearing on the blog’s existence. I’ll stick around to bug you with daily updates – but, those updates may just be more American soil based as of January 1. Nothing is ever permanent so I’m keeping an open mind about absolutely everything – the coming, the going, the coming back. I’m a lady in a constant state of flux. So in short, I hope you’re enjoying this most tumultuous ride. And, as I was just home for a wee little stay, I thought I’d share a few pics to remind you of why I have such constant trouble in leaving this little heaven on earth. I give you the South Carolina Lowcountry. Maybe you’d like to weigh in on the decision after seeing these?

Let’s kick off with my dad’s famous pancakes, shall we?

 Shopping in downtown Beaufort…

 This might help you get my vibe…

 Biking everywhere…

 Little dream cottages…

 A dock begging for tomfoolery!

 My coffee companion.

 This says it all…

 Sweet Iced Tea bars…

 A typical breakfast. Ok, so my ass might grow exponentially going home!

 Eyes like this that look up at me every time I’m home… saying “please don’t leave again.”

I’ve always said the hardest thing about living in the South is getting your iced tea from the kitchen to the front porch without spilling it!

 Dogs are always there to greet you upon arrival….

Even the Snickers bars in this place seem to get me!


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