Style Update: A bag made just for me?! Oh Aspinal, you shouldn’t have!

That’s my “cat that got the cream” face you are witnessing above. Or perhaps it’s my “pleased as punch” face or “pinch me now” moment interpreted through the muscles in my mouth. Who knows? What should someone’s face be when a package arrives with a beautiful bag inside – a bag that is designed especially for me? Yes, I’ve had the ultimate in spoiling from the beautiful leather goods company, Aspinal of London. 

This summer, Aspinal asked me to come into store and meet with their creative director to take a turn at customising my very own Aspinal tote for the season of autumn winter. After I managed to stop my ridiculously giddy dance around the flat, at being asked, I marched into store ready to go, having no idea what to expect. What ensued was a lovely afternoon of looking at swatches of leather and silk linings, all while sipping champagne. Now, dear reader, it may be appropriate to say, at this point, that this service is not limited to those of us that work in fashion (although I have it on good authority that most of the top editors in London have their very own Aspinal creation sitting in their closets or swinging from their arms at this moment – I got to have a sneaky look at what others had put together).  After making sure this was a service I could pass onto you guys, I carried on with my creation.

The long and short of it is this. I wanted to do something elaborate and creative. But, I fell so in love with one of the Autumn Winter bags getting ready for distribution that I asked for a replica, with a twist. My twist? I have orange sherbet silk lining in the bag! Also, my initials grace the front- and there are a few other twists and turns I’ll share at a later date. For now, I’ll say it’s my new addiction, travel buddy and best looking leather friend. Too much? Nope, not enough. I’m in love. 

Want more info? Check out The Large Marylebone Tech tote and all the ways you can personalise your own online or in store. 

Now… for the rest of this style update. Let’s start with the scarf. This is a Zara number that I thought looked just like one of my favorite wall hangings at the moment. Ok, that sounds strange, but I’m wildly in love and completely cozy. The bag- well, I think you’ve been properly introduced. The hat is a find and the coat is Marks & Spencer. The boots are Next and the jeans are American Eagle. Oh, and oh… the sweater is lush Joseph! Happy Shopping! 


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