Look for Less: Aquazzura red fringe heels vs. River Island red Fringe heels

Red Fringed Heels

So here’s the deal with these bad boys – the bloggers and stylistas have been wearing the red Aquazzura fringe heels for eons now. Usually this kills a trend, dead in its tracks. But the Aquazzuras, well, they have special powers. This design is so popular it has the ability to turn any pair of jeans or trousers into the most rocking outfit we ever did see. This is fashion fact, people. So, when I spotted a near identical pair at River Island last week, I made a note to bring this brilliance to your attention. Now, if you want to pay the £490 for the Aquazzuras, more power to you – go for it. But, if you’re looking for a bargain pair of red fringe heels, look no further than River Island and a price tag of £65 (available for round the world shipping).


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