London’s craziest Christmas Tree: Disney x St Pancras international

From now until January 4th, folks coming into or departing from St Pancras International in London are in for a real treat in the form of a Christmas tree that will absolutely blow your mind. Having had lunch in the Renaissance Hotel this afternoon, I took a stroll into the main shopping area of St Pancras and was met with not one, not two, but a whole tree of Disney stuffed animals. There are actually 2,000 Disney stuffed animals making up this incredibly festive display. Standing at over 14 meters high, it is quite the spectacle. 

For those of you jumping on and off the Eurostar, make sure you DO NOT MISS this tree. It is most definitely an unexpected display of Christmas love. Kids will enjoy pointing out their favorite Disney characters, as everyone from Elsa to Simba is featured on the tree. And I’m sure you can all guess who sits atop the tower. It’s Mickey Mouse, of course.

Here’s a closer look… but I definitely recommend taking a look in person.


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