FFG x Heathrow: This collaboration is “wrapping” up nicely!

Alright travelers, the time has come! The FFG wrapping paper has arrived at Heathrow airport and it’s ripe for the wrapping. From now until January 4th, Heathrow shoppers can score all their last minute shopping, while waiting to board their flight, and have it wrapped for free. I like to think this is my little way of becoming a part of everyone’s Christmas morning. Sneaky, eh? As Heathrow is practically my second home these days, it seemed like a pretty good fit for a Christmas collaboration. 

For anyone that’s been flying out of London lately, you’ll know that the list of brands to shop at Heathrow is pretty insane. From Hermes to Fortnum & Mason, there’s a Christmas present for everyone to be found in these well travelled halls. Is it bad that I’m actually getting to the airport an hour early just for the chance to shop, with the assistance of Heathrow elves, and get everything wrapped up for the family in the various wrapping papers available? That’s right, there are more designs available- and I want a piece of each under my tree this Christmas. 

Please do share on social if you find an FFG goose under your tree this Christmas!


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