FFG Beauty: Carol Joy Pure Collagen Spray is my travel bag must have!

This is a world’s first, people: Pure collagen- in a bottle and ready to spray, throughout the day in times of dire need. Well, that’s how I’m thinking about it anyway and “dire need” needs to happen at least half a dozen times a day. Too much? Well, not according to Carol Joy. So there, I’m not over doing it. Keeping 35 looking alive with this stuff! Or as my niece so accurately put it the other day – “how’s your skin so soft, auntie em?” Yeah, that’s showcasing results people. Or how about the boyfriend commenting on my cheeks feeling like silk. Mind out of the gutters, people. He’s talking about the cheeks on my face. 

So let’s get into a bit of a back story here. Last month, Carol Joy invited me into The Dorchester for an afternoon of beauty. For those of you that don’t know, Carol Joy are not only in charge of the hair salon at The Dorchester, they also provide an incredible facial experience for guests, using pure collagen and oxygen as their secret trick to leaving spa guests with flawless skin. I was invited in to experience both a facial and a hair treatment, and more or less asked to relax for four hours while a team of spa experts flitted about around me and transformed a rather London beaten women into someone who looks like she travels exclusively by Uber Lux. Oh who am kidding? If you can afford Uber Lux, you should have a driver. Ok, they transformed me into someone who would have a driver waiting outside The Dorchester… a driver in a Bentley. Yeah, I was feeling Bentley brilliant. 

Of course I would say any treatment at The Dorchester is brilliant, because it’s the Dorchester. They don’t deliver anything in the inferior category – which is already a nod in Carol Joy’s direction. To be taken in by The Dorchester as a luxury expert is akin to being labeled a God of the beauty realm. Let’s just simplify it and say I knew I was in good hands. All products under the Carol Joy range lead to feeling your best. They don’t promise to transform you, they just promise to enhance what you’ve already been given. It’s quite brilliant actually. Even the facialist talked me through how certain moisturizers with the product line could really help me clear up some problem areas and bring out the glow in my skin that’s been under London smog lock and key for some time (the moisturizing night cream and cleanser combo has totally transformed my skin surface into something quite remarkably smooth – definitely worth checking out). 

But the real joy with Carol Joy is found in the new pure collagen range. From eye masks to pure collagen spray, this is a beauty first and a product line that already has beauty editors around the world all a flutter. But for me, it’s the pure collagen spray that I’m really loving. It’s like a skin refresher and now has a permanent place in my long haul flight bag (ok… time to admit that there’s one there and one in my purse for test driving… which I ran out of pretty quickly as I was spraying all the time). You spray this bad boy and actually feel your face plump up to the occasion. I just feel refreshed and I’m loving every minute of it. Hence the reason it’s made it onto FFG. Now, in full disclosure, I was gifted the collagen spray and it’s not exactly something you’d buy at Boots. It’s £100 a bottle. But, I’ve bought a bottle myself, after being gifted. I’ve put my own money into the pot and, to me, that’s worth a recommend. 

Carol Joy – thank you for being absolutely amazing at both hair and skin solutions. Ladies and gents, file in for a day of beauty with Carol Joy at The Dorchester or jump online and grab their hair and skin products to be delivered straight to your doorstep.


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