Fashion Foie Gras for Christmas at Heathrow Airport!

Hold onto your hats people, today’s a big announcement day in the form of everything holiday. Does it surprise you? I’m Christmas obsessed. It’s unhealthy really, but this is my favorite time of year and nothing will wipe this smile off my face. This year is a particularly special one for me and Fashion Foie Gras as I have teamed up with Heathrow Airport to bring you the ultimate in holiday cheer. The FFG goose is coming to a present wrapping desk near you as you fly the friendly skies from Heathrow this year. Oh yeah – the goose has had a bit of a makeover. She’s traded in her heels for a Santa hat to celebrate the season and she’s waiting for you!

We all know that last minute shopping is hard enough as it is, right? You’re in the holiday rush, everything’s piling up on you and you’re trying to do a thousand things at once. Well, Heathrow has truly become my gifting home. I am always forgetting one thing or another on my way to the USA for Christmas and forever find myself in Heathrow gift stores, like Harrods or Fortnum’s, picking up a gift you can only find in London (with that handy tax-free discount). In my last minute rush I rarely have time to even think about the wrapping bit. So, when Heathrow approached me and asked if I’d like to donate FFG’s goose for a special project I couldn’t think of a better collaboration. Seeing as Heathrow is my second home these days, I would love nothing more than to see my fellow travelers wrapping up their gifts for loved ones in the FFG paper and bags. 

Ok, so here’s the official deal. There are Heathrow gift helpers stationed throughout the airport this year – to help you with the tougher ones to buy for and direct you to the right places to sort out your gifting list. After you’ve found your perfect gift, let the gift wrappers take care of the rest. The service is 100% free for all items purchased in the airport and you actually have four incredible illustrators’ designs to choose from. They are all pretty phenomenal, so I won’t blame you if you go for a bit of a variety under the Christmas tree. Forget Oxford Street this season, ladies and gents. It’s all about Heathrow shopping and the FFG paper is just the cherry on top – if I do say so myself.

Fashion Foie Gras worked in collaboration with Heathrow Airport.


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