CACI: the new non invasive plastic surgery hits the King’s Road

A few weeks ago I was invited through the doors of the latest high-end beauty salon in London. HT by Sakurami, located on the ever popular King’s Road in Chelsea, had asked if I’d like to come in,  tour the facilities and try a treatment. I looked online to check out there menu and instantly knew the answer would be yes as they were offering CACI treatments. Let me just put this out there – this is something I’ve been wanting to try for some time now, having heard from friends (and super celebs who have flawless skin) that the results were quite impressive. More or less, CACI has been given credit as being the most fun you can have with anti-aging without any actual needles or surgery. Ok, maybe “fun” isn’t the right word, as I would come to learn. It’s basically microcurrent therapy that manipulates muscles to restore tone and elasticity. So scientific, right? 

When I got back in touch with the PR to schedule the appointment, I did mention I was interested in coming in specifically to try the CACI . I hadn’t specified what exactly I was hoping to do, but I was thinking that I’d love to try the lip enhancement treatment. Alright, let’s not all freak out here. I don’t want to look like Kylie Jenner. I just wanted a bit of volume to a rather unimpressive upper lip for the holidays. So sue me. Well, here’s where things get interesting. HT by Sakurami very kindly offered to take on the lips situation and add in the Sakurami CACI lift. Having not actually done any reading on the CACI, as I’m a lazy lady (tis true), all I knew was that it’s close to a miracle for the skin and only  offered in high end salons. Other than that, I was flying blind. Not the best idea when you enter a salon where the specialist working on you doesn’t speak hardly any english. 

We made our way down to the treatment rooms, located in the basement of the building, and I lay myself flat on the bed next to a machine. All on the up and up. It is communicated that we will begin with the lips. Now, I’m telling you this so you will know when you go in. This is not pain-free. But, I also believe that had I been told that from the beginning, I would have been prepared for it and would have dealt with the “shocking” surprise a bit better. Yes, this is a machine that’s working on you and when said machine encounters your lips it feels as if tiny shocks are being administered routinely for ten minutes. How could your lips not look amazing after such a treatment, right? Thank goodness the uncomfortable shocking sensation ended there. The lifting CACI facial following was lovely and only involved a bit of tinging, which resulted in some seriously glowing skin as a finish. Now, it should be said that it’s recommended that a series of treatments take place to see longterm (and seriously impressive) benefits. But, I can happily say that after just one CACI treatment at HT by Sakurami, I was pretty impressed with what transpired. Will I go back? Well, the salon itself is lovely. I do think the language barrier presents a bit of a problem, but it could be I was just unlucky on that day. It’s always nice to know what’s happening and feel secure in the fact that someone can comfort you in times of rather suspicious moments of treatment. But, I was overall quite pleased with the result. As I’m only 35, I think I might leave the purchase of a series to a later day. Saying that, it’s good to know where I’ll go when it’s time to invest in some real skin saving management. Thank you HT by Sakurami, for hosting me for a few hours and introducing me to a treatment I’ve been dying to try for ages. 

HT by Sakurami

327 King’s Road


0207 351 3938


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