2015 Christmas Windows: Harvey Nichol’s

And we’re off…. Christmas is just around the bend and the first horse out of the gate in the race to please the holiday shopper is…. drumroll, please… Harvey Nichols.

The Christmas windows at Harvey Nichols this year are anything but understated. It’s truly a technicolour dream. There’s more glitter and neon on show here than the craziest night at Studio 54 ever saw (although apparently the haunt was inspiration for the windows themselves… imagine that). Truly, this is like walking past a living, breathing disco ball. The party, people, is definitely at Harvey Nic’s for Christmas. You will have to wear blinders to go through Knightsbridge if you intend on missing this louder than life experience. 

And you gotta love when Harvey Nichol’s provide a proper breakdown as to what went into creating this holiday back ache. Apparently it goes a little something like this:

1 million flakes of glitter

301,500 sequins

137,000 suction cups (must remember to look more closely for these when next visiting)

15,000 gift boxes

3259 meters of Vegas fabric used (ummm what is Vegas fabric and where can I get it?)

2,000 cups of tea consumed

700 meters of tension wire (and probably 10,000 miles of patience to put it together)

620 mirror balls

540 baubles (that’s all?)

15kg of glue sticks and 30,000 staples (whatever – normal day for crafters, am I right?)

8 kebabs eaten


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