The fashion pack biscuits: Fashionista Biscuit Tin from Biscuiteers

In my neck of the woods there exists a magical shop. The storefront looks like something from a fairytale and the interior is so sweet smelling you’ll easily wonder if you’ve wondered into the heart of a gingerbread house. Of course I’m speaking of the beautiful Biscuiteers on 194 Kensington Park Road in Notting Hill. This monochromatic marvel houses biscuits (cookies, for my American readers) like nothing you’ve ever seen before. They come in all shapes and sizes and are decorated in such a way that eating them feels criminal. They’re all so gorgeous, yet, they all taste like heaven when you finally do get over the fact that you’re biting into an edible art piece. 

For fashion week, the good ladies over at Biscuiteers sent me over a very special tin to help with the sugar rushes needed to make it through the day. Fashion Muse Alice Naylor-Leyland designed a tin full of biscuits worthy of special recognition indeed. From flats to flamingos, there’s a biscuit here to suit the needs of every fashion loving sugar fein. Oh and there’s also some pretty amazing china thrown in the mix here from Royal Albert. Keeping in classy, London.


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