Style Update: The topic of colour

So this is a story too funny not to share. My best friend is, let’s say, a neutrals person when it comes to clothing. She’s in black or some shade of grey, nude or pale pastel at any given moment. I couldn’t be more opposite. Give me colour any day of the week – and lots of it. When you live in London, 9 days out of 10 you have have to create your own colour and I do that through my wardrobe. So, the other day, a particularly grey and nasty day, even by London’s standards, I opened the door wearing this. I was colour from top to toe. I opened the door to the BF and she was more or less fifty shades of grey. A quick recognition of the difference, a jolly good laugh, and a great big gossip later and we were enjoying the fact that our styles could not be more different. Fashion is, at the end of the day, a reflection of you as an individual. Sure, we take inspiration from those around us, but what we choose to wear each day is our message to the world about who we are. I like to think I’m a walking ray of sunshine (and I even wear that mask with my clothing on days when I feel like being a raging b*tch). Sunshine, sunshine… it’s my mantra. PS. Pictures taken after an epic blow dry at Harvey Nichols! 

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