FFG Travels: Grand Hotel Tremezzo, Lake Como, Italy

People… I’m getting out the loudspeaker now and making a quite big and important announcement. I HAVE DISCOVERED PARADISE. The weekend after Milan Fashion Week finished, I was invited to stay at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo on Lake Como. It took me all of five seconds to make the decision that I could get married here, honeymoon here, retire here and die here. Is that a bit much? Sorry for being a drama queen, but this is simply heaven on earth. The view from my balcony alone was worth the journey (only an hour and a half with traffic from Milan). The food, well, the food gets its own dedicated post.

While we were at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo, we saw a little bit of every demographic – proving my point that this is a hotel for every stage of memorable moments in life. There were honeymooners, new lovers, retirees, families, single women (ahem), wedding parties and families from Lake Como  and other areas of Italy all found on site. There were over a dozen languages spoken around me at any given dining arrangement and all of us seemed to share a common love for our surroundings. There is a cheerfulness found here at Grand Hotel Tremezzo, like nothing else I have ever experienced. It finds its footing in the absolute relaxation that takes place the moment you take the lift from ground level to reception. Oh yes, there’s a lift to take you one level. The folks at Grand Hotel Tremezzo don’t want you to lift a finger, or a foot, if you don’t have to. That’s the way you’ll find your stay. You’re surrounded by people who greet you with gigantic, and real, smiles. They’re all too accommodating – even when it comes to taking selfies. Yes, I tried to take a few and didn’t get one photo finished before I was offered a helping hand. Not to worry, however, these aren’t people who hover. Each and every member of the Grand Hotel Tremezzo family seems to know exactly the moments to make themselves known or scarce. It’s a fine line and they tread it like professional tightrope walkers. 

Of course a hotel is not made up of just people – although they do make all the difference. The Grand Hotel Tremezzo itself is like a member of staff, perfectly constructed to serve your every need. The landscape even seems to be able to predict you’ll be peckish when you arrive from your journey – there’s a candy bar in the lobby. Hello, trouble. Yes, I did see it being raided during a late night wedding party. Hey, it’s there to be taken advantage of, right? 

When not overseeing the candy table at The Grand Hotel Tremezzo, I could be found perusing the grounds. There are pools a plenty, a spa that will have you booking endless massages, facials and pedicures, and more rooms with colours a plenty than you’ll ever expect in find in any given place. Yes, this is a living and breathing rainbow. There is one room I could spend me entire life relaxing in (you’ll have to guess with pictures below). Just remember how much I love colour and you’ll see that I truly found the spot I could sit and read forever, glass of Aperol Spritz in hand. 

While the hotel will keep you busy, you will find members of staff encouraging you to explore your surroundings, and I will be going into that more later this week, after I cover the food of Grand Hotel Tremezzo. There is a splendid view of Bellagio from every balcony at the hotel, and it’s a town worth a visit. There are islands galore to visit and explore on the lake. There are even restaurants in and around the town of Tremezzo that you may want to explore after dining at all five on site sensations. Yes, again I’ll say that the food at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo is something else. Have I said that enough? I do actually believe my stomach stretched to twice its normal size in order to accommodate the cuisine presented. It couldn’t be left to ruin? Could it? Well, let’s just say that nothing at all in my closet came close to fitting when I returned home, but I wouldn’t take a moment of it back. 

The bottom line is this. If I could return to Grand Hotel Tremezzo and never leave, I think I’d leave this world a pretty content and well travelled lady at this point. I can, hand on heart, say I have never been more impressed with a property, from checkin to checkout. I am, quite simply put, a woman in love. This is a romance that will never come untied. And, dear reader, I must say this is a palace that will fill your heart with absolute joy and contentment. It is a must-add to your bucket list. Visit Lake Como and stay at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo


Grand Hotel Tremezzo

Via Regina, 8 – 22016 Tremezzo
Lago di Como – Italy

+39 0344 42491

Fashion Foie Gras was a guest of the Grand Hotel Tremezzo for two nights. 


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