FFG Gastronomy Diaries: Grand Hotel Tremezzo

Alright, I promised and now I’m delivering – a closer look at the food the Grand Hotel Tremezzo on Lake Como, Italy. I suppose such an offering should come with a bit of a disclaimer. First, I’ll say there aren’t many words needed here as with food, well, it’s all about photographing so you can taste it just by looking at the picture. And trust me when I say that I wish these pictures captured even one tenth of how amazingly delicious the dishes at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo actually were. We’re talking mouthwatering, button-popping, tears of joy level goodness on offer. Yes, to holiday at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo is as much an exercise in relaxation as it is in expanding your stomach walls. Bring larger sized clothes. That’s my biggest word of warning. For now, prepare yourself for some serious food envy. What I’m about to deliver is the reason the phrase “food porn” was invented.


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