What to eat in Greece: The food of Costa Navarino

When I was editing the pictures from the Costa Navarino visit last week I found myself flipping through hundreds, yes hundreds, of pictures of food. Seems whenever we had the chance, we were stuffing our faces at Costa Navarino. And why wouldn’t we exactly? All the fresh food is sourced from local farmers in Greece, in the region, and only what is absolutely needed is imported. This is more or less farm-to-table perfection and it’s a wonderful thing seeing such a behemoth resort support and empower the surrounding community.

So, about this food. There are two parts to this culinary exploration. We ate at the hotel for every meal, bar one. And truly there are so many restaurants available that one needn’t leave at all. One week there and you’ll still find yourself promising to try things for the first time on your next visit. From casual lunches al fresco to dinner by the light of a giant outdoor movie screen, the atmosphere here is varied. But, there is one constant, for each and every gastronomical experience at Costa Navarino – the food is incredible! 

The second part to this experience was much more personal and involved manual labor. Yes, we were asked to make our own food as part of one of the hotel experiences. We were invited into the home of two lovely Greek woman, who just happened to have the most breathtaking view of the water and the sunset below. Then we were put to work. We had to hustle for our supper, and it was one of the most enjoyable experiences I have ever had “working.” 

As always, I do believe pictures speak much louder than words. But, I’ll just close with this. If you are looking to truly spoil yourself and eat your way through a holiday, Costa Navarino is the perfect place to indulge. I’m back in London now with very mixed emotions. It was a weekend to remember and one that will take a while for me to forget… since I fit into absolutely no trousers in my closet! It’s not like fashion week is just around the corner or anything. Amateur mistake, but worth every minute!

 This is what room service looks like… epic! 

A most epic lunch:

 And now, a real Greek dinner, prepared by us… with the help of some ladies who definitely know their way around a kitchen!


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