SS16 Review: The Beauty of Bally for warmer weather, from mirror boots to moth hole inspired leather

There are moments that still manage to absolutely take my breath away in this world of fashion and I suppose when that stops happening, I’ll know it’s time to move on to new employment. For now, however, I’m having my socks knocked off left, right and centre. Last week I was in Milan for a viewing of the Bally Spring Summer 2016 Collection, which was being showcased during Milan Fashion Week, and I was actually left gasping for air as I tried to take in bags, shoes and articles of clothing that left me positively breathless. 

This is a collection that is both steeped in tradition, yet overflowing with modern concepts. There were a plethora of textures, shapes and prints that had all been inspired by the most surprising concepts at Bally. More or less, the house was inspired by the idea of a grandmother’s attic and the beautiful things that exist there to be discovered. The scarf prints, seen everywhere from shirts to leather jacket linings are all inspired by old silk scarves that could have been uncovered in long lost boxes. The leather jackets themselves were created with large, perfectly shaped, circular holes that take inspiration from moth holes. There are even decorations on bags that have broach-like similarities. All I can really say is that I wish I had a grandmother that had an attic containing all these gems! Bally have truly outdone themselves for the season and I had to share as I’m positively obsessed and want each and every piece in my wardrobe for the season ahead. Scratch that – I want it now! Here’s your first look. 

Fashion Foie Gras was a guest of Bally in Milan.


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