A Fossil Flagship: London, Oxford Street

I’ve been talking, over the past few weeks, about a new look for Fossil. FFG is no stranger to store visits, so when I first started chatting to the brand about features on the site, I asked if they wouldn’t mind if I came in and took a look around their flagship, to get a real feel for place. I always find a brand really showcases its true colors in the interior decoration of its flagship store, the staff that service the floor and the campaigns which are highlighted through the space. Product takes on a whole new look and feel in a home retail environment, and is instantly given a sort of history. The shopping experience becomes a part of your purchase, and, with Fossil, I felt I really was given a lovely bit of retail therapy. And so, a post was born. I wanted to share with London readers a space that truly did motivate me and make me feel at home with a brand I’ve known and loved for years. To walk into this space in, what is still for me, a foreign country, and feel at home, was a wondrous experience and one that I encourage everyone to have when shopping on London’s Oxford Street. 

Just in case you needed a bit more incentive to get your rear end into store, I’ve captured a few shots of the space, a few more shots of my favorite product available at the moment, and even a cheeky exterior moment. I’ll just mention that this is THE ideal place for Christmas shopping, as well. Try not to yell too loudly in my direction for bringing up the holiday that’s just around the corner. We’re looking at less than 100 days now folks. In my opinion, every little bit helps! Why not get in there early these days?

Without further ado, here’s a looksy lou at Fossil Oxford Street in London. There is a certain cheekiness here that is unparalleled, which makes the shopping experience seem effortless and fun. In today’s retail environment, that is certainly not easily achieved, hence the reason for honoring it’s fun look at life here on FFG.


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