Style Update: Wrapping up in Maine

Here’s what I discovered about Maine this summer – it’s magical on film. Ok, no one uses film anymore, but you get what I’m throwing out here. When it comes to cameras, something magical is captured with the great state of Maine. There is a beauty here that is found no where else. Whether you’re staring down a rocky coastline or scarfing down a lobster roll, this is a place that feels like coming home. For me, this makes sense as it’s been a summer home for me for 35 years. 

Each summer on FFG, I add a little something special from the cottage and this year I decided to not only take a few pictures on property, but also with a few items that have been sitting in the house for years – totally forgotten and 100% useful in a climate that can go from red hot to super chilly inside of a few hours. 

There’s not much new here – except for the Mango dress, that’s currently on sale. 


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