How to make your summer tan last until Christmas

This is an easy read, peeps, and it’s just to deliver one quick message for those of you either living in or visiting America. Buy Jergen’s Natural Glow Gradual Self Tanner for the face and body. Make it the first thing you do when you get to an American drugstore. Don’t believe all this hype out there that you absolutely must spend £50 or $50 on a self tanner for it to work properly. Sure, there are some cool new tanning techniques coming out, which I absolutely love and know work, but when it comes to maintaining my summer tan (that I’ve developed by facing the sun – sue me!) I swear by this stuff and have done for about six years. I have zero affiliation with the brand, I just truly adore their product. Basically from late August until December I’m working hard to keep the white skin at bay by using this gradual tanning product line all over, post shower. And you know what? It actually works, it smells good and it’s truly the only gradual tanner I trust not to turn me orange or leave me with weird streaks. 

So here’s how I get the eternal summer tan: After washing my face at night, I use the Jergen’s face daily moisturizer so that I wake up with a healthy glow in the morning. It’s truly magical. Enough said there. As for the Jergen’s gradual tan body moisturizer – I apply post shower in the morning, so that it has a full day to develop. Just dry your hair while it’s drying – done and done. You’re golden, literally. Yeah, you gotta love how that little play on words came together. 

Now get out there and make that summer tan last!


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