How to get rid of dark under-eye circles: This is actually sleep in a bottle

We’ve all been there before. It was a night to remember that has led to a morning where you wish you could bury your head in a pillow for all eternity. Or a late night studying for a final has left you looking a little worse for wear. You wake up looking like the walking dead and your face screams “no sleep.” If only there were a way to hide our sleepless nights. 

Last month I was introduced to a product that I can, hand on heart, swear has changed my life…and will hide the sleepless nights. If you have not tried Bobbi Brown’s Corrector and Creamy Concealer, ladies…. get thee to a store ASAP and make it a part of your beauty arsenal immediately. This is sleep in a bottle, quite literally. 

This is a simple two part system that starts with the corrector. This little pot is the first step in hiding dark circles. As Bobbi’s people tell me, you can’t paint a wall with one single coat of paint – the same is true when you are trying to freshen your face and do away with the undereye circles. You have to start with a base coat! The Bobbi Brown corrector is that base coat. It brightens and covers. It’s four of the eight hours of sleep you needed. Now time for the other half.

Your next step is with the creamy concealer. It does the rest – covers, sets and prepares you for the day ahead. Chances are the day will be hard enough as it is, so you might as well go in looking good. 

The duo will give you eight hours wear time before reapplication is needed… for another night out perhaps? Let’s not get carried away!

That’s it. Get it, it’s the best. My work is done here. Go forth, party and cover all your sins the day after 😉 Sorry I don’t yet have a cure for the walk of shame. 


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