FFG Eats: A Hotel Bel-Air Breakfast

What: The best breakfast in Bel-Air is found at the Hotel Bel-Air, naturally.

Where: Located in an outdoor/indoor space, Wolfgang Puck at the Hotel Bel-Air is an experience just for the seating. Whether you choose to be a lady who lunches in open air, or a party of four to six who occupy the corner booths tucked away alongside the famous swan filled gardens, this is as atmospheric as it gets. Just don’t give the game away by shouting over to Brad Pitt if he sits next to you as you’re ordering your morning coffee. Might give the game away that you’re not a regular – the definition of uncool. 

When: While I prefer breakfast at the Hotel Bel-Air, of course Wolfgang Puck will sort you out for any meal of the day. This is a menu that has no faults and a staff that are willing to bend over backwards to make sure every element of your experience is beyond perfection. Forget Pitt, you are made to feel above and beyond the Hollywood A-list while your derriere is planted in these plush seats. 

How: This is a hot spot for locals and visitors in the know, so make sure you sort yourself out early – make reservations!. On a hot day, order an iced latte and the bread basket to start. You’ll want to take in all that’s around you, so make this a multi-course meal. My personal favorite – and the most beautiful item on the menu- is most definitely the french toast. Get ready for a sugar rush. It’s OTT sweet. Oh, and the Bloody Mary isn’t to be missed. I’ll stop myself now before I start rolling off the entire menu.

Hotel Bel-Air

701 Stone Canyon Rd, Los Angeles, CA

+1 310-909-1681

Fashion Foie Gras was a guest of the Hotel Bel-Air, part of the Dorchester Collection.


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