Dry Shampoo: How to use it (and why it might not be working for you)

For years now I’ve tried using dry shampoo and failed miserably. I have long hair and I know I shouldn’t be washing it but I have done again and again, day after day, and felt the wrath of my hairdresser each time he lectured me for doing such an evil deed. “Dry shampoo,” he would say. “It’s been invented for people like you so your hair can stay healthy.” Embarrassingly I always promised to try and try again, never wanting to admit that the stuff just didn’t work for me. Or so I thought…

Last week, while on a shoot, I finally learned the trick to dry shampoo from someone I know to be one of the best in the biz (he who shall remain unnamed). I didn’t have to ask – saving myself the shame- but rather stood back and listened as the model questioned why dry shampoo wasn’t working for her. Hallelujah!

It turns out the trick to dry shampoo is simple, requires only two tools, and it goes a little something like this

1. Make sure you are dividing the hair up into sections and spraying on the roots, not just willy nilly spraying the mane. Yes – I willy nilly sprayed upside-down and all around.

2. Leave the dry shampoo to sit on hair for three minutes. Resist the urge to scrunch, twist, rough dry or play with your hair. Let the dry shampoo do it’s work! 

3. Grab your best blow dryer and give yourself a toss and tumble. Go upside down and dry the roots to create volume, and give the rest of your hair a quick run through. The end result will be a blow dry that lives to see another day – as let’s be honest… there’s nothing worse than paying for a blow dry that lasts for only 24 hours. Or, on the flip side, having to wash, dry and style your hair ever flipping day!

Moral of the story – the more you put into placing the dry shampoo, the more you’ll get out of it. 


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