Travel: Postcards from Venice

posted on: Saturday, 11 July 2015

I’ve been spending a lot of time over the past week talking about Venice. Can you tell I’m in love? In my head, as I was strolling Venetian streets, I was hatching a very specific plan for my future. I’d like to take a month, or three, and write FFG from a rental in this city. There is a magic that exists here that feeds the creative soul like nothing else. In fact, I’m reconsidering writing my piece on “how to beat a creative rut” by adding Venice in as an option. Sure, it’s a great place to come on a romantic getaway with your looooover (said with a thick “Sex and The City” girls accent reference), but Venice is just as special for a single woman travelling on her own or with girlfriends.

Venice should be nicknamed the “city of the lost and found.” Here is a place where you easily get lost, and just as easily find out so much about what exactly you’re made of. Every bridge has a beautiful vista, every cobblestone street comes complete with a Venetian character and all waterways are overflowing with water taxi drivers hot enough to score their own cover of GQ magazine. One is constantly in sensory overload and it’s absolutely intoxicating.

Naturally, my camera was putting in some serious overtime. If you like looking at the world through a lens, you’ll be in snaphappy heaven here in Venice. But I will say this – put the camera down as much as you can and just breathe in everything around you. I would have had a lot more pictures to share with you today had I spent more time behind the camera and less time simply being in awe at my surroundings. I blame Oprah – always telling me to be in the moment! But hell, she makes a good point. Here’s a quick look at a photo diary of a day in Venice. I strongly urge you to visit and create your own. This city should be on every bucket list.